YAY! So I am sorry I haven’t been writing. I would have but the truth is the last few months have been really really really boring. I’ve been taking time off work and it’s been pretty nice but nothing worth writing about. And now the moment I’ve been waiting for… I just moved to Columbus. It took me about 2 months to find an apartment and I was beginning to panic when I finally found a place. The job search has been pretty dry so I am settling for a second choice.

I haven’t officially moved yet, currently I’m staying with my little sister. It’s been fun even with the rush to find a place. I’ve tried out a lot of the restaurants in town and I’m beginning to know my way around. Unfortunately, I cannot bring my mom’s cat with me but the apartment is in the midst of Columbus, surrounded by wonderful places. My new job will hopefully last for the next few years. After that I am still hoping to join a cruise line. My first choice job was at Lemongrass. I immediately noticed the well groomed staff who seemed to be my age, but they weren’t hiring. I went through three interviews at Northstar and never heard back. So I am down to my last choice, Gordon Biersch, I called them yesterday (and should probably call again). Hopefully I will find something, if not I will be out searching for a job in the weeks to come. I wouldn’t mind working at a hotel, they are probably slower paced than a restaurant.

So the next few weeks should be exciting as I settle into my new apartment. Wherever I work I hope to make some new friends. I’ve been hanging out with my little sisters friends but I hope for my own. I also have to find new doctors in the area. I have absolutely no idea where to start with that. I’m going to find some food now.


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