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  • Movement

    YAY! So I am sorry I haven’t been writing. I would have but the truth is the last few months have been really really really boring. I’ve been taking time off work and it’s been pretty nice but nothing worth writing about. And now the moment I’ve been waiting for… I just moved to Columbus. […]


  • I’ve Got Nothing

    No, really. I’m serious. I came to Starbucks (they should pay me every time I mention them on this site, I’ve probably given half of you a craving and up you go without even finishing this sentence)…to write something, but I’m a blank slate. I’ve already drilled my trip details into the ground and bored […]

  • Continued Trip Details

    It’s taken me way more time to get back to writing about my trip. If you care to know, here’s my attempt to fill you in. Saturday: I wake up and my hair is a mess because I didn’t blow dry it last night. I read some of Ellen’s book and neatly fold my clothes […]