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  • 12 Years of Stats

    This will be short. My writing is a escape route that helps me process and I don’t do it to gain followers or network or make money. WordPress informed me that I’ve been blogging for 12 years and that excites me. I have had highs and lows but I genuinely appreciate the views. I like […]

  • The Birth Hour(s)

    Prologue: I started getting baby fever about six months after I met my husband. He was finishing up grad school and I had been considering if I wanted to stay in the area or join a cruise line. I move around a lot. I can’t even tell you how many times I moved since my […]

  • I’m Back! Special Talents

    Buy me a coffee or clean up your act, whatever gets us out of the HEAT WAVES (Glass Animals) faster.

  • Newest Pet Peeves

    Paperwork that never ends Signs that are right next to each other and contradict each other Endless surveys and barcodes run by machines constantly glitching Public humiliation that makes the innocent look like the killers Lack of human interaction Cameras everywhere

  • MIKE- The Marine

    “I remember walking in the desert alone and bleeding, with ammo, scared as hell that I was gonna get caught.” Mike “I remember coming across a camel with two humps and thinking that I am saved. And after riding for what seems like  forever I hear a loud pop and I wake up.” Mike “What […]

  • M*A*S*H* Round 2

    Princesses Pear  Apple Strawberry Melon Favorite Sport Basketball Baseball Football Track Attributes Wavy Hair Big Booty Smart Common Sense Job Secretary Car Salesman Construction Worker Honda Factory Leisure Activities Gardening Plays with Children Reading Jumping on the Bed Favorite Color Red Blue  Gold Black and White Princess Pear loves Amir and her favorite sport is […]

  • 5.28.19

    woke up got dressed took medicine ate breakfast got ready for therapy rode bike to therapy participated in therapy drank coffee bathroom and break participated in therapy talked to Dr. rode bike home ate lunch sold dryer deposited money at bank went to grocery store texted mom about meeting with therapist texted Lars cleaned litter […]

  • Quote

    “It is the victors who write history and they are not always honorable” Me “A long term goal will soon be achieved” Fortune Cookie Wisdom

  • Good Parents

    Dear Mishal, I am the good parent you never had. I want you to feel better and know it’s ok that Davina doesn’t want your help right now. It might feel like you’ve lost your purpose but remember you can choose to see things differently and find a new perspective. Your family loves you and […]

  • Enter: Lars

    The man of my dreams first met me thru a dating site. He is very blond, hazel eyes and medium build. He makes me furniture and jewelry. He is practically blind and can’t even shower without his Lucky brand glasses on, well okay, that’s an exaggeration. Our first date was in a coffee shop called […]