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  • The Birth Hour(s)

    Prologue: I started getting baby fever about six months after I met my husband. He was finishing up grad school and I had been considering if I wanted to stay in the area or join a cruise line. I move around a lot. I can’t even tell you how many times I moved since my […]


  • Mischief Managed

    Started playing the sims years ago…to see my huge house see the photo below. Just gave away my purple pickup truck and old dream house to Stephen Hawking, gotta reach level 54 or send myself back to work. Ok so I’ll add a photo later gotta get my schedule worked out. Plus that’s copyrighted stuff […]

  • The Gift of Fear

    Although healthcare for the majority of those feeling overwhelmed is well done, asylums still exist and the act of locking innocent people in a prison is atrocious worldwide.  I started getting admitted to asylums between seventh and eight grade. It’s better than before but people should not have to wait for days just to take […]

  • Fake News

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Certified Organic Bakery Opens in Local College Town DAYTON, Ohio Nov. 15 – Daria Hawkins co-owner of BumBleBee Bakery (also known as 3 Bees) comes from an experienced background in New York. While working as executive pastry chef at the River Café, “I started doing a side business, with wedding cakes and […]

  • Hospital Pack List

  • M*A*S*H* Round 2

    Princesses Pear  Apple Strawberry Melon Favorite Sport Basketball Baseball Football Track Attributes Wavy Hair Big Booty Smart Common Sense Job Secretary Car Salesman Construction Worker Honda Factory Leisure Activities Gardening Plays with Children Reading Jumping on the Bed Favorite Color Red Blue  Gold Black and White Princess Pear loves Amir and her favorite sport is […]

  • Movement Part 2

    You may have wondered where I’ve been. Good news, I’m fine, better than fine…I just took a four year break from my more or less consistent blogging. I’m still not sure if this is an official entrance back into WordPress, maybe? According to my notes I was just about to move to Columbus. I did […]

  • Movement

    YAY! So I am sorry I haven’t been writing. I would have but the truth is the last few months have been really really really boring. I’ve been taking time off work and it’s been pretty nice but nothing worth writing about. And now the moment I’ve been waiting for… I just moved to Columbus. […]

  • Wrong

    I should go to bed, but as I sit here thinking that in a few hours I’ll be finished with one of my final classes, I started realizing all the things that haven’t worked the way I planned. To start, it took an embarrassing five years to complete my simple two year degree. I wanted […]