The Gift of Fear

Although healthcare for the majority of those feeling overwhelmed is well done, asylums still exist and the act of locking innocent people in a prison is atrocious worldwide. 

I started getting admitted to asylums between seventh and eight grade. It’s better than before but people should not have to wait for days just to take showers, eat, go to the bathroom or go outside.

Children definitely should be kept away. It’s easy to get in and unbelievably hard to find a way home.

Zippers are not allowed.

No Pockets. 

Constant Noise. 

Overworked Staff. 

No Visitation Rights. 

In some cases no food is given.

Too many dishonest or uninformed employees.

Too many rules to keep track of. Outdated Information. 

No Clocks or they have the wrong time. 

They require so much out of people and some of them can’t answer.

Whenever I go back it’s no longer about me. I’m fighting the system from the inside out. 

I ended a bad relationship with a boyfriend named Thomas. He started out okay but in the end I could tell jail time was a red flag. 

I was held at gunpoint and my rights were not read until I was in the police car. I knew from school Miranda rights are LAW.

To this day I know how people should be treated and I don’t really give a fuck if someone disagrees. They are not my family and they definitely aren’t my friends.

I guard myself and when I lack support in one place I find it elsewhere. 

I have to take a break but for those who feel despair, remember to scream HELP even if it is only in your head and keep the lights on in your house at night. That way you know if the power is going out. 

I wouldn’t recommend totally ignoring technology but having a tv on all night usually gives me neural fatigue.

X Davina Nelson

(title of post is borrowed from a book by: Gavin de Becker)

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