I feel bad it’s been a few months since I wrote. Honestly there isn’t much to tell. I’ve been sitting in starbucks reading or watching mindless TV.  I’ve taken some time off work and decided to get a new job either here or somewhere in Columbus. My hair has grown back in and is at a short pixie length. It’s coming in evenly so I won’t need to cut it for a while. Christmas was wonderful and I was so happy it snowed although this meant Rebecca had to go back to work earlier than expected. Speaking of Rebecca she just got a new job with an architecture firm so she is officially a grown up.

My mom’s car died so she is looking for a new one. I also might be getting a car but for now I’m at the mercy of local walking distance stores. I keep trying to get into an exercising mode but sadly it is not sticking. Largely due to the fact that it keeps snowing or raining and therefore I can’t use my bike. Other than that I don’t have much to say. Even though it’s only a little past 7 I’m exhausted.


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