Yesterday morning while Io and I were on a walk we came across a beautiful monarch butterfly. It was flying around some wildflowers and when we approached, it started to follow us home. I was delighted to watch it as it zoomed around us. Just as we arrived at the end of the street it turned back and continued to flutter amongst the flowerbeds. This has not been my only encounter. Only a month ago I was walking out of school and between two sets of doors, a lacy black and orange butterfly was stuck inside the small enclosure. I slid it onto my finger and it stayed there as I freed it. Once outside, I expected it to fly off quickly but it lingered for just a few more seconds, then I watched as it circled the building and eventually was lost in the sky. I expect the butterflies are a good omen. Especially, when they land on you. Io really liked it, she kept looking for it as it weaved around us.

I am trying to keep these posts short and manageable. Any input is welcome. Now I am going to make apple pie. 🙂

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