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  • Mischief Managed

    Started playing the sims years ago…to see my huge house see the photo below. Just gave away my purple pickup truck and old dream house to Stephen Hawking, gotta reach level 54 or send myself back to work. Ok so I’ll add a photo later gotta get my schedule worked out. Plus that’s copyrighted stuff […]


  • Fake News

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Certified Organic Bakery Opens in Local College Town DAYTON, Ohio Nov. 15 – Daria Hawkins co-owner of BumBleBee Bakery (also known as 3 Bees) comes from an experienced background in New York. While working as executive pastry chef at the River Café, “I started doing a side business, with wedding cakes and […]

  • Hospital Pack List

  • Three Balls and a Banana

    I have absolutely no reason for the name of this title. It has nothing to do with what I am writing about. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But I thought you might read on based solely on curiosity. This week started out well. I’m fully immersed in saving every cent I can […]

  • Personality Soulmate

    We are theoretically perfect for each other. I know this because I’ve done extensive research. Who are you? You are my personality soulmate. You are much more extroverted than I, but who isn’t? I’m independent and happy to spend time with a friend twice a month. You probably need more social interaction than that. You […]

  • Highlights

    I’m on the return flight home from Boston…Yay! Or not, I would have stayed if I didn’t have to work tomorrow. This is going to be a very exciting post. Why? Because you may not have realized, but I’m typing this in the plane, hence the first sentence I wrote. So you probably did notice […]

  • State Beads and Quarters

    The state quarter collections are likely in many of your homes. When they were introduced I imagine lots of people planned to save a quarter for each state, more serious collectors have the pairs from both Philadelphia and Denver. My mom started one collection for each of my sisters and I. In addition my Grandfather […]

  • Trot Trot to Boston Trot Trot to Lynn

    …Whoops! Be careful don’t fall in! I remember singing this to Hannah when she was a baby. All of us learned this rhyme from my mom and took on the responsibility of becoming Hannah’s second, third and fourth mother. We would bounce her on our lap then dip her head toward the floor as we […]