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  • Mischief Managed

    Started playing the sims years ago…to see my huge house see the photo below. Just gave away my purple pickup truck and old dream house to Stephen Hawking, gotta reach level 54 or send myself back to work. Ok so I’ll add a photo later gotta get my schedule worked out. Plus that’s copyrighted stuff […]

  • The Dome

    I come from a suburb the locals call the Dome. In many ways this bubble protects our young minds. Yet we all know eventually we grow up. It is foolish to say we are naive. Our grades surpass most other schools by a wide margin. I have a deep love for this city. I’ve lived […]

  • Scary Dream, 2:30 am

    It started as a normal drea­­m. I was searching for my cat Polly-Esther at Sinclair (my school). I do find her briefly and she comforts me.  It starts to unsettle me when I meet a man I’d never met before and he seems to like me. We go to a class together and then I […]

  • Wrong

    I should go to bed, but as I sit here thinking that in a few hours I’ll be finished with one of my final classes, I started realizing all the things that haven’t worked the way I planned. To start, it took an embarrassing five years to complete my simple two year degree. I wanted […]