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  • 12 Years of Stats

    This will be short. My writing is a escape route that helps me process and I don’t do it to gain followers or network or make money. WordPress informed me that I’ve been blogging for 12 years and that excites me. I have had highs and lows but I genuinely appreciate the views. I like […]


  • Movement Part 2

    You may have wondered where I’ve been. Good news, I’m fine, better than fine…I just took a four year break from my more or less consistent blogging. I’m still not sure if this is an official entrance back into WordPress, maybe? According to my notes I was just about to move to Columbus. I did […]

  • Rush

    I’m not one to become preoccupied with getting things done. Sure I meet deadlines and believe that completing goals is important, especially when it improves my life in some way. However, in some circumstances the speed with which you reach the finish line is not always as significant as the way you finally get there. […]

  • I’m Made of Glass

    Bugs are amazing. And by that I mean amazing pests. In the short time that I sat near the grass enjoying a Twix bar they rose up out of the grass and swarmed around me. Being generally disgusted I had no choice but to surrender my sunny seat and move to the nearby cold and […]