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  • The Birth Hour(s)

    Prologue: I started getting baby fever about six months after I met my husband. He was finishing up grad school and I had been considering if I wanted to stay in the area or join a cruise line. I move around a lot. I can’t even tell you how many times I moved since my…

  • Mischief Managed

    Started playing the sims years ago…to see my huge house see the photo below. Just gave away my purple pickup truck and old dream house to Stephen Hawking, gotta reach level 54 or send myself back to work. Ok so I’ll add a photo later gotta get my schedule worked out. Plus that’s copyrighted stuff…

  • Hospital Pack List

  • AhA!!!Breaking News!

    Erin Darke finally married Daniel Radcliffe! I wonder how many times he had to propose. Isn’t that fantastic? Ok, I’m done so happy to hear what a great couple they make. I better add her to my Sims collection.

  • Quote

    “It is the victors who write history and they are not always honorable” Me “A long term goal will soon be achieved” Fortune Cookie Wisdom

  • Quotes

    “It is human to stand with the crowd and divine to stand alone.” “The quality of your life depends on what you do with that which is least” ~ Marie “Merci” Foode Bonser “What if the number 1 goal in life was to fail? I excel at failure” ~Me (this idea probably came from that…

  • Quote

    “Use your abilities at this time to stay focused on your goal, you will succeed.”

  • Goal #2

    Cross legs at ankles, not knees

  • Goal #1

    Start reading the Newspaper 3-4 times per week.

  • Rush

    I’m not one to become preoccupied with getting things done. Sure I meet deadlines and believe that completing goals is important, especially when it improves my life in some way. However, in some circumstances the speed with which you reach the finish line is not always as significant as the way you finally get there.…