Category: Secret Boyfriends

  • Another Humane Disaster

    On my run today with Io, my dog, I was ready to cry. The white-tailed deer population in our city has grown to an unhealthy level, according to the park rangers. The solution is to shoot older deer and leave more space for what is left of their dwindling population. I don’t wish for any […]


  • I’m Confused

    I started my week off with my New Year’s Resolution. You are probably sick of hearing about my secret boyfriends, well me too. I asked Ned if he would like to have coffee sometime, we met Monday at my usual beloved Starbucks. It was marvelous, but I am the most awkward person ever. It’s so […]

  • Pre-Harry Potter Jitters

    I just announced my most embarrassing secret about Harry Potter in my Facebook status. Yes, it’s out. I wrote Daniel Radcliffe a bit. Actually… that’s an understatement. I had an entire Journal for him.  My first journal entry is not directed toward him at all. In fact, originally, I was psyched to use my new […]

  • Shirtless or Truck

    So in an attempt to further spread out my affection for men, there a two others I would consider dating. My little sister has a friend with an all around good-looking family. She recently introduced me to one of her older brothers. I don’t feel like making up more names for all these men in […]

  • Music Geek

    I know I’ve mentioned that I frequently find myself falling for the musicians, so I’ll be brief in my explanation of the two other boys I didn’t introduce before. Ned and Owen are both my a-typical choices. They have darker hair and although I wouldn’t go so far as to say they are short they […]

  • The Three-Dimensional Boyfriend

    I know. I am breaking one of my rules. Avoid anything personal. But doesn’t revealing your life in a blog really begin with being personal. In fact, I have decided against posting my real name or telling anyone besides my mother that I have a blog…what I mean by that is, I casually posted a […]