Category: Secret Boyfriends

  • “Read” Between the Lines

    Why isn’t there a handbook that tells you how to read men’s emotions? Many men will tell you they aren’t emotional. That’s a lie. In my experience men normally choose to use less obvious social queues to display emotion. That doesn’t mean the emotions don’t exist. Scenario: Woman walks onto a bus/train and sits on […]


  • No Words

    I don’t know when it became socially acceptable to stop communicating with the important people in your life. Instead of a man walking to your doorstep and ringing the bell: he texts you from his car. Instead of calling just to see how your best friend’s day went: we send them an email or write […]

  • Purple Kiss

    Ask most people and they will tell you a story about their first kiss. It is one of those wonderful memories that stays with you always. I am no exception. My story is simple. Most people would not consider it a first kiss, but I choose to. It was a Hershey’s dark chocolate kiss wrapped […]

  • Personality Soulmate

    We are theoretically perfect for each other. I know this because I’ve done extensive research. Who are you? You are my personality soulmate. You are much more extroverted than I, but who isn’t? I’m independent and happy to spend time with a friend twice a month. You probably need more social interaction than that. You […]

  • Still Broken

    Just a quick update (in regard to the friend I lost). At this point I thought that I would be okay. But I’m not. I know it seems like I say this every couple of entries but as much as I try to get used to loosing my friend I still hate it. She hurt […]

  • The List

    In order to get a better idea of who the mystery man is, I decided to do some detective work. First I took out my yearbook, it seemed like the logical thing to do. After looking things over I determined 12 possible men based on the clues he gave me (see comments). However once I […]

  • The Less Offensive Version

    I’m going to do something I rarely do, because god-damn-it I was pissed off last night. The following is more or less the latest entry from my diary. So this isn’t going to have a filter…everything I say is straight from the pent up emotion I allowed to steep before getting home and writing it […]

  • Tell Me More and Soap

    So I’m not sure if I should believe those that tell me my secret admirer is really a creeper or if I should just consider it a compliment that someone out there has the hots for me. There is more than one person voting creeper, including my mother, an opinion I consider well informed. Although […]

  • Cherries

    I am a logical person. I have zero expectations for the extraordinary, because my life seems to be a continual series of uneventful events. I’m either doing just fine or I’m in some crazy funk I can’t find the end of. It’s fine. I don’t really mind crossing the days off the calendar, working my […]

  • M*A*S*H*

    You know there aren’t any rules about this game anyway. Everyone plays a little differently. A few years ago Jenna and I created a better way to play. It took a lot longer, but I think the results are more realistic. Pay attention to the colors. Studs 1. Peach 2. Chai 3. Psycho John 4. […]