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  • M*A*S*H* Round 2

    Princesses Pear  Apple Strawberry Melon Favorite Sport Basketball Baseball Football Track Attributes Wavy Hair Big Booty Smart Common Sense Job Secretary Car Salesman Construction Worker Honda Factory Leisure Activities Gardening Plays with Children Reading Jumping on the Bed Favorite Color Red Blue  Gold Black and White Princess Pear loves Amir and her favorite sport is […]


  • 5.28.19

    woke up got dressed took medicine ate breakfast got ready for therapy rode bike to therapy participated in therapy drank coffee bathroom and break participated in therapy talked to Dr. rode bike home ate lunch sold dryer deposited money at bank went to grocery store texted mom about meeting with therapist texted Lars cleaned litter […]

  • Enter: Lars

    The man of my dreams first met me thru a dating site. He is very blond, hazel eyes and medium build. He makes me furniture and jewelry. He is practically blind and can’t even shower without his Lucky brand glasses on, well okay, that’s an exaggeration. Our first date was in a coffee shop called […]

  • Unedited, because boys are stupid

    July 12, 2019 It’s almost Daniel Radcliffe’s birthday! He’s a pretty awesome person I think. I guess I don’t actually know him but he seems like a cool dude. I’m having trouble sleeping again so I figured I could write a little. I’ve been thinking I’ll try to write when I can because I’d really […]

  • Ethan Stormwind

    Short conversations with an old friend “Thank you too, Ethan Stormwind.” “It gets hard to trace my family back super far because of WW2. My Grandfather is from a town called Slutz in Russia.” “I don’t know anyone from Russia.” “I went to elementary school with a first generation American with a Russian family, Misha […]

  • Witches UNITE!

    JULY 13, 2019  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE #Witches/WizardsUnite!!! OFFICIAL ORDER OF THE PHOENIX< DUMBLEDOORSARMY>WIZARDSUNITE= HARRY POTTERS PALS=H. PeePeeves aka BumblebeeTuna aka Pottermore  Hi my name is Davina and I’m recruiting more witches and wizards to stand together as the exposure of our world begins to reveal itself to muggles everywhere! Join the SOS today, volunteer and […]

  • Movement Part 2

    You may have wondered where I’ve been. Good news, I’m fine, better than fine…I just took a four year break from my more or less consistent blogging. I’m still not sure if this is an official entrance back into WordPress, maybe? According to my notes I was just about to move to Columbus. I did […]

  • The Onion

    Newsworthy: Emma Watson shaves her head for locks of love. Boys and Girls love her! x Pixie Lott

  • Flash!

                              I’ve managed to turn his eyes green


    Okay so I wish I could contain myself….but I’ve always been a little reckless. I wrote an actual letter to Daniel Radcliffe and he sent back a marvelous photo. Signed but a little bent up. I’m flattening it between some very heavy books. Ned, sorry if you read this, I promise we are just friends. […]