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  • Pet Peeves

    Dry Elbows. I cannot understand why its so hard for people to use lotion once in a while. Even worse if they are dirty also. Impatient Drivers. We are all trying to get somewhere. What makes it okay for you to swerve in and out of traffic like a psycho? Over-cooked Vegetables. If you want […]


  • Trix Up My Sleeve

    I haven’t carved a pumpkin in a few years. Growing up my mom would cut out the top. Then my sisters and I scooped out all the goo and seeds. We rinsed the seeds and toasted them with salt. Not everybody is as fortunate as I. Many of you may have never carved pumpkins in […]

  • Letter to the “Citizen”

    “Concerned citizen” struck me as angry, overly dramatic, and paranoid. “Citizen” I know that some parts of government are flawed and Medicare can be frustrating. As someone who was recently hospitalized and watched as my mom sorted out hours of insurance issues over the phone, it is obviously enough to send a monk into madness. […]

  • Names

    Its funny, I’ve had this piece of paper for a few months where I write names I like. When I first started it I couldn’t think of any masculine names. It was just a big list of girls, then when I read about something and find one I like I write it down. The irony […]

  • Moody and Thoughtless

    Sorry about the cynical post yesterday. It was lame, just one of those days, kind of wallowing in self pity. Today was much better I was still grouchy this morning, but something about going to work always makes me feel better!

  • Please, Disconnect

    American’s today should be ashamed of how much TV and internet surfing we do in a single day. Without any evidence to back this up I would venture to guess that most of us spend at least an hour everyday checking our email or updating our Facebook status. So my question is, how do we […]

  • Double Life

    While most kids were getting ice cream with their friends on the weekend, I was sitting in a dark makeshift bedroom in a basement. It’s about 9 am and I haven’t dared to go upstairs to eat breakfast because my dad always gets mad about that. Luckily, I brought a book to read which is […]

  • My Nose Knows

    Every time the weather changes I get a bloody nose. Okay, sick but get over it. My point is that because I am so sensitive, even my body picks up on things quicker than the weathermen. This isn’t actually that impressive seeing as the weather is always wrong on TV. Still it was a great […]

  • Salt Water Rinse

    Today I will hide behind my books and only dream of my extensive travels, but in a year I will be living the plans I so carefully calculate. So should I wait for on of my current male contenders? Or do I forget and let go of them, then hope they are disappointed when they […]

  • The Four Sisters

    I was blessed to have all sisters. We have formed the closest of bonds and for each flaw or strength I have, it is shared by at least one of my other sisters. Rebecca is the eldest and everyone’s overall favorite. She is the kindest and likes to spend money, much like Hannah. However, Rebecca […]