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  • Tell Me More and Soap

    So I’m not sure if I should believe those that tell me my secret admirer is really a creeper or if I should just consider it a compliment that someone out there has the hots for me. There is more than one person voting creeper, including my mother, an opinion I consider well informed. Although […]


  • New Things

    I am now typing behind a brand new laptop. My dad bought it for me as a back to school present. My mom gave me a super amazing set of speakers. I haven’t figured out how to get all of them to produce sound yet (maybe look up directions after this). Mom will be starting […]

  • Jones Soda Wisdom

    “Walk in the grass in your bare-feet”

  • Cherries

    I am a logical person. I have zero expectations for the extraordinary, because my life seems to be a continual series of uneventful events. I’m either doing just fine or I’m in some crazy funk I can’t find the end of. It’s fine. I don’t really mind crossing the days off the calendar, working my […]

  • Opossum

    Last night my mom was walking our dog, Io, and was most unfortunate to come across an opossum. You know those big rats that hang upside-down from trees. Anyway Io caught it and my mom actually though it was dead….it was not. After Io released it my mom took her home. It was gone by […]

  • M*A*S*H*

    You know there aren’t any rules about this game anyway. Everyone plays a little differently. A few years ago Jenna and I created a better way to play. It took a lot longer, but I think the results are more realistic. Pay attention to the colors. Studs 1. Peach 2. Chai 3. Psycho John 4. […]

  • Too Much Information

    Although, most times people rely too heavily on what internet search engines instantly produce, I wanted to see if there was some truth on a website that cannot be changed by anyone who owns a computer. Most idioms have a simple interpretation, that is common sense for most. I am more interested in how we […]

  • Neon Trees

    Just went to their concert. Had lots of fun! New CD and a T-shirt. Available on Amazon.

  • Davina’s 2010 Wishlist

    Seeing as I have yet to add everyone’s email to my contacts, or send out cards with a typed list…I thought this may make things easier. CD’s Mindy Smith, Stupid Love Snow Patrol, Final Straw (It’s an old one that I never got around to buying) Imogen Heap, Ellipse Anna Nalick, Wreck of the Day […]

  • Fortunes…to be continued

    I’m sure there are many collectors. These are my favorites! “You will be unusually successful in business” “Be yourself, and you will always be in style” “For a good cause, wrongdoing may be virtuous” (rebellious?) “A happy lot awaits you in matrimony” (lets hope not very soon) “A friend asks only for time, not money” […]