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  • Personality Soulmate

    We are theoretically perfect for each other. I know this because I’ve done extensive research. Who are you? You are my personality soulmate. You are much more extroverted than I, but who isn’t? I’m independent and happy to spend time with a friend twice a month. You probably need more social interaction than that. You […]


  • A Shutdown

    This is a notice to any readers/friends from Facebook. Dear Friend, I deactivated my account last week. If you would like to contact me and do not have my number, email or address you may leave me a comment at the end of this post. I would be happy to forward this information to your […]

  • Scary Dream, 2:30 am

    It started as a normal drea­­m. I was searching for my cat Polly-Esther at Sinclair (my school). I do find her briefly and she comforts me.  It starts to unsettle me when I meet a man I’d never met before and he seems to like me. We go to a class together and then I […]

  • Current Events

    I don’t often put school related writing projects on my site but I found the current events for my psychology class somewhat interesting. Maybe some people find it difficult to write a four page paper in one night but I found it pretty easy. Of course I already had two of the articles chosen so […]

  • The List

    In order to get a better idea of who the mystery man is, I decided to do some detective work. First I took out my yearbook, it seemed like the logical thing to do. After looking things over I determined 12 possible men based on the clues he gave me (see comments). However once I […]

  • Thanks to my Readers

    I had hoped to write this entry some time ago but alas life gets busy and I had to postpone for what is now an incredibly boring day stuck in the Sinclair library with bad cell reception for the next four hours. What the hell am I supposed to do for four hours? I guess […]

  • Standing on the Edge

    As the final quarter of my education nears, I’m becoming impatient. I’ve made a resume and already have 2 recommendations from teachers (I hope for 2 more), but the winter quarter will not be easy. True I only have 3 classes and an internship but the classes promise to challenge me. First there is Professional […]

  • Number 70

    Finally, at 10 (9*) posts later I have added the number of words together from all my posts. It has totaled: 20,509 words. That’s an average of 297 words per post. The shortest post was 8 words (Spitting Games). The longest was 1,010 words (Double Life). With this post the new total is 20,567 words! […]

  • About Me

    This is a funny little test I thought you would find amusing. 1. First choose your favorite color; then describe it using three words that you think of concerning that color In my case I used the words pretty, warm and vibrant. (My favorite color is green) 2. Next imagine you just had a normal […]

  • 60 and Counting

    This marks the sixtieth post! So very exciting. I’m working on backing up all my blog posts to Word documents once I do that I’m going to add up all the words I used and give a tally of how many I used. That’s all for now.