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  • Kitchen Sink

    I struggled to come up with an appropriate title for the following revelation. Hesitation has kept my lips sealed. In most cases I avoid negativity while writing. As great as my little town is, we have a drinking problem. It is unclear who has the problem. Glass, that is all I found. At the start […]


  • Lindsay Lohan

    I think it’s terrible that Miss. Lohan keeps getting in trouble. Remember what a great young actress she was in Parent Trap? Now everyone is gossiping about her. Have you heard her song Rumors? I love this song. Why is it acceptable for the media to violate her right to privacy? Just leave her alone. […]

  • Brilliant Idea

    Everyone is saying climate change is spiraling out of control. Here’s a solution: Turn off your air-conditioner. Honestly, it’s so simple.


    Okay so I wish I could contain myself….but I’ve always been a little reckless. I wrote an actual letter to Daniel Radcliffe and he sent back a marvelous photo. Signed but a little bent up. I’m flattening it between some very heavy books. Ned, sorry if you read this, I promise we are just friends. […]

  • Stories From Here

    Jane looks up with inconsolable gloom. She’s been reading sections of the Bible in an attempt to escape the desolate cell and pass time. At the moment all the other girls are either talking in small groups or getting ready for bed. Jane has been in jail for a month. About two days ago she […]

  • Ancestors

    It seems ancient to believe our ancestors are up there somewhere watching out for us, but then again no more ancient than God or a higher being. Personally, whenever I’ve prayed to God he hasn’t been available. Jesus is nowhere to be found. However, when I thought of a Grandfather who recently passed he got […]

  • I have no “Title”

    I’ve been incredibly productive. Yesterday I woke up and went to yoga from 9-11 am. Then being the cool person that I am I walked over to my mom’s house. We hung around the house for a bit and then set out to run errands all day. First we ate lunch at Panera to use […]

  • Inner Light

    When I am feeling low, blue or downright depressed I’ve found some simple solutions that work like magic. Listening to music is something I can do almost anywhere. While music only makes me feel better temporarily, it keeps me from bleeding out. Exercise is another way to clear my mind. The mind is precisely my […]

  • Don’t Do It

    Finding money in an old purse or under your couch cushion is a great feeling. I remember one time I found a check from my grandparents under my mattress. That was a good day. I also remember finding $20 on the sidewalk after I bought a pet guinea pig. I save most of the unique […]

  • Three Balls and a Banana

    I have absolutely no reason for the name of this title. It has nothing to do with what I am writing about. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But I thought you might read on based solely on curiosity. This week started out well. I’m fully immersed in saving every cent I can […]