Movement Part 2

You may have wondered where I’ve been. Good news, I’m fine, better than fine…I just took a four year break from my more or less consistent blogging. I’m still not sure if this is an official entrance back into WordPress, maybe? According to my notes I was just about to move to Columbus. I did […]


YAY! So I am sorry I haven’t been writing. I would have but the truth is the last few months have been really really really boring. I’ve been taking time off work and it’s been pretty nice but nothing worth writing about. And now the moment I’ve been waiting for… I just moved to Columbus. […]


I feel bad it’s been a few months since I wrote. Honestly there isn’t much to tell. I’ve been sitting in starbucks reading or watching mindless TV.  I’ve taken some time off work and decided to get a new job either here or somewhere in Columbus. My hair has grown back in and is at […]

You didn’t hear this from me

I recently heard that watermelons are good for your skin. I tend to agree except they attract so many fruit flies you have to cut a hole first then stick it in the freezer until it is rock solid. I recommend this be done with caution. Watermelons are heavy. They also lack flavor so kill […]