I’m Back! Special Talents

1. Hospitality Management Culinary Arts with a strong focus in Baking. People love my pies but honestly my favorite things to make are coffee and soups!

2. Yoga Instructor 200TT Vinyasa Flow, originally did this for fun. Connect with the women and men who have eating disorders and war veterans. Also love running and carrying heavy objects up 14 flights of stairs.

3. Music lover. Enough said. I’m very quiet normally but give me some exciting new album and I light up faster than the strongest hurricane or hail storm…also love watching the weather channel on repeat.

4. Writer and loooove Snail Mail………takes 3 weeks to get from whatever carrier you choose but forever stamps and stickers of any kind are one reason I’m not allowed to wait in line at the post office with more than about $10 at a time.

5. Crying on Command. I usually tear up and crying is a big coping skill of mine. If someone else cries first then I try to be strong for them. The problem is stopping. So far I only cried two or three times today and my husband can’t stand it when I do it for hours. Work in progress. A little too dramatic at times and also wastes a lot of tissues.

6. Tree Worshiping Dirt Hugger. Love the planet. Love cleaning up trash when I’ve got on gloves and a bunch of energy. Hate seeing people assuming the garbage service will sort it for them. Zero tolerance rule for the cigarettes and forest killers.

7. Artist. Haven’t had a lot of time to do any quality artwork in about 2 months but I’m always collecting random pieces and strive to share with the less fortunate population. Recently had a creativity BOOM!

That’s about all I can think of right now. Happy Independence Day America…gotta go look at Katy Perry singing Firework or maybe angry music since cray cray folks will be setting their houses on fire.

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