Dream House

I’ve got it all picked out. Its a red brick house and full of closets. I’d show you a photo, however I’ve been stuck in Purgatory for about a month. Fortunately, my bills are all paid and I’ve very organized. As a bonus this year I earned myself a fat little baby! She’s quite a handful. The first week was great and then I got sick of the constant nudity in front of my mom, Mishal.
My dad hasn’t even met her yet. He did pick me up last Thursday. Boys are so dumb sometimes. He said he couldn’t remember her address even though He visited before Hannah left for Germany. To his credit the doctors discharged me at lunch and he had to drive about 6 hours and got a flat tire on the way.
Amazingly enough, he arrived before Target closed. I went there three times and finally gave up because they would not fill the medication. Whatever, it was past midnight by the time that I made it to my mom’s little castle.
That’s all for now. I’m enjoying Sarah McLaughlin in her Afterglow album. (Napster is way better than Spotify).


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