Apology to Husband

Dear lovely Husband,

I love you. I know right now our whole relationship feels broken but I trust you with my life. Remember our first kiss and how the years fly by. We always worked things out. I can’t say when I will be back to myself. You deserve dignity and respect. We can work together, but please stop calling the cops on me.You will have to let me know about all the things I missed since our baby was born.

The doctor and most of the morning crew are helpful but the nights are most difficult, one of the therapists, gave me a nice poster with birds a few days ago. He says if he was a dwarf in Snow White he would be “Grumpy.” Haha. My charge nurse looks like your twin except he is very short. During the goals group at the hospital I made a friend. The coffee is not the greatest and we haven’t even had very much because the machine is broken. You know how angry I get if I don’t have at least 50 cups of coffee everyday.

I actually wrote this letter a few days ago around 6 am and we don’t get breakfast until 8:30 or 9 am so I have to hoard all my snacks overnight. I’m usually awake at 4:30 am because it’s the best time to get in the shower. Alright I have to get going. Staying with my mom for a couple days and we had a big fight last night. Oh well, we are both so “bitchy.”

Again sending my love and give our baby a hug and kiss from me.

Davina P Nelson

Pee. Ess. Can you drive me over to get my haircut? (Nevermind gonna try to get my hair done this weekend)


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