Enter: Lars

The man of my dreams first met me thru a dating site. He is very blond, hazel eyes and medium build. He makes me furniture and jewelry. He is practically blind and can’t even shower without his Lucky brand glasses on, well okay, that’s an exaggeration. Our first date was in a coffee shop called One Line. Lars was early and I rode up on my bike. He had iced tea. Second date, Tasi. Third date, movie theater also first kiss after a movie I can’t remember. We met on May 9th 2000 something, engaged in our kitchen April 28th 2000 something on Westwood, Married March 9th, 2019. We will have three children and I know because an Oracle told my fortune once with Tarot cards. I am Aurora as a Disney princess but sometimes my niece, Guitar, calls me Christmas Eve or Dots. Lars is Harry Potter (really can’t see worth a damn). I am a pastry chef, karma yoga teacher, writer and currently an underpaid quantum mechanic. Lars is a healer and also Ravenclaw and Pukwudgie, his patronus is the basset hound. Lars has a younger, wealthier brother who wants to retire by the age of 35. Overachievers and his parents are still married, something quite rare.

The stories never really end we just forget who we are.


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