Ethan Stormwind

Short conversations with an old friend

“Thank you too, Ethan Stormwind.”

“It gets hard to trace my family back super far because of WW2. My Grandfather is from a town called Slutz in Russia.”

“I don’t know anyone from Russia.”

“I went to elementary school with a first generation American with a Russian family, Misha Gershenzon.”

“So much fun, really, wow. Where was that?”

“In Dayton at Hillel Academy, I think he goes by Mike now.”

“Eww I hate that name, it makes me feel dirty, my sperm donor’s name is Mike”



“Emma Stone”

“What about her?” 

“You should date her.”

“Not that into her.”

“Really? I think she’s lovely”

“Never really found her to be that good looking.”

“Ok, but sometimes flings get you to know your preferences.”

“Well, if you can get Emma Stone to have a fling with me, I wouldn’t argue.”

“Ok, I called Emma and told her you need a fling but she says she is kind of busy.”

“That’s ok Davina. Need is a strong word anyway.”

“Anna Kendrick?”


“You’re so picky.”

…to be continued


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