Movement Part 2

You may have wondered where I’ve been. Good news, I’m fine, better than fine…I just took a four year break from my more or less consistent blogging. I’m still not sure if this is an official entrance back into WordPress, maybe?

According to my notes I was just about to move to Columbus. I did actually take that last choice job at Gordon Biersch and it turns out I liked working there although it isn’t the best job I ever had. GB was a great entry level position and they liked to call me at least once a week to cover an extra shift which was fine since I didn’t usually have much going on anyway. On the downside I began to have some serious issues with co-workers, including one instance when I had to file a harassment complaint against one of the line cooks. It all worked out because this time last year I decided not to join a cruise line as I originally planned but instead to take a position as the baker for a new restaurant opening in February.

Starting last January I began training at the Avenue Steak Tavern. I decided that I would keep my job at GB just in case I needed more hours or didn’t like the job.  Every day consisted of at least one of my jobs and usually both. I worked at the Avenue in the morning until I had to leave for work at GB (anytime between 4 and 5:30 pm) and then almost always closed the restaurant (anytime between 10:30 pm and 1 am), and the cycle would begin again the next day. During this time I had only two whole days off.From January to April I was working about 75 hours a week and finally decided the hefty paychecks were not worth the extreme exhaustion. Finally, when my feet started to hurt everyday I decided it would be best to keep the higher paying and ultimately more enjoyable job at the Avenue.

Working at the Avenue has been a delight. I love baking so it’s an ideal position. I work normal hours and usually get at least a Friday, Saturday or Sunday off each week without having to request it. They also hardly ever call me in to work an unscheduled shift. Over the three years that I spent at GB it started to get really hard to plan any of my free time because there was always a possibility I would get called in.

That pretty much sums up my working life for the past few years. I haven’t made many friends since I moved but I did get an awesome boyfriend. In fact I think there need to be more friendship making sites because it’s really hard sometimes. I am part of the site called Meetup, basically you join different interest groups and meet people from your city. I’ve actually been better about going to the Meetups since I work regular hours and my boyfriend encourages it.

So lets tell you about the boyfriend, Lars. I met Lars from OkCupid. I had only started using OkCupid for a couple weeks and was getting a little discouraged when I came across Lars’ profile. I was interested in Lars and read somewhere that women who make the first move typically date more attractive men so I had been trying to follow this method. I went on a few dates before Lars that ranged from being stood up to gaining unwanted attention. A day or so before Lars and I met for the first time I had to break things off with a guy that was really nice but just not the one for me. We met a a coffee shop and talked longer than I planned, mostly because Lars was good about asking lots of questions. I was so nervous I couldn’t think of anything to say. I was overjoyed when he asked if I wanted to make more plans and asked for my number.

Lars is getting his PHD in neuroscience, he’s a great listener and likes metal music. He was actually a music major but switched to science. He puts up with my silliness and occasionally my nervous driving habits. In his free time he has made a coffee table, dresser, nightstand, chaise lounge chair (and a fold up chair), spice organizer, shoe rack, and two bed frames. He refinished our kitchen table, made drawers that slide under the bed and even made art out of the scrap wood. Now with limited space for furniture he’s learning how to make jewelry.

We’ve moved in together recently and everything has been so easy. We like to make dinner together and have some Netflix and Amazon shows to watch together. When I first considered using a dating website I was pretty skeptical but Lars has been such a great addition to my life. People are hard to meet these days so I highly recommend dating sites to anyone who feels like they haven’t found their somebody. If that doesn’t work get a cat.

I’ve spent a lot more time writing this then I intended, I guess there was a lot to tell. Look for more posts soon, I plan on making this a habit. One last thing before I go, I have a GoFundMe page up and I’m hoping to boost donations so follow this link to read about it.

The Mama Campaign






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