Kitchen Sink

I struggled to come up with an appropriate title for the following revelation. Hesitation has kept my lips sealed. In most cases I avoid negativity while writing. As great as my little town is, we have a drinking problem. It is unclear who has the problem. Glass, that is all I found.

At the start I was skeptical. A friend mentioned the problem. This sparked my interest, I never drank in high school, none of my closest friends were into that. Party meant putting make-up on and sitting by the pool, talking. We would go to the mall but only to browse the latest fashions and create our own sense of style. As a curious person I walked around and picked up broken glass scattered around the city. The years of sucess seem strange because in just a few hours I found my friend was right.

We have been “walking on broken glass (Annie Lennox, The Eurythmics).”


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