Draconis fillitis

This school assignment came from fifth or sixth grade. Our science teacher, Mrs. Ravensteen, wanted us to invent an imaginary insect or something. Below is my unedited creation.

The Draconis fillitis is the Genus and the fillitis is the species of course. Its common name is flight. They are found mostly in the jungle, but are sometimes hidden in bouquets of flowers. They enjoy eating the flowers but pesticides are their favorite. Its dimensions are 3×1 centimeters when born but can reach up to 6×4 centimeters.

Scientists are trying to make the flight world spread because they are very helpful and cute as well. The flights are always the colors of red, blue, green, and black. Despite the flight being the same colors they are very different because the colors can be placed in different segments of the body. My particular flight has a blue head, a green body, red eyes, and the wings are black and red. I found my flight when I was in a flower shop near the jungle where I assume it lived for some of its lifetime.

The flights normally live for about five to six months but mine has lived for over five years. Flights are harmless unless threatened. By other organisms, such as crustaceans – especially crabs. Flights are good house pets because they eat spiders and other unwanted indoor guests. They also like playing with ladybugs and butterflies.

Scientists discovered flights about ten years ago when they were were (yes, I said that twice) in the jungle looking for scorpions to test an experiment. This was very good that they found the flight because the scorpion was about to eat it and the flight would not be found for another five years, when they came across a colony of them eating the pesticides and flowers.

The scientist quickly took a handful of them to the lab where they found out more about these very helpful and interesting organisms. This is when they found out more about these very helpful and interesting organisms. This is when they found out that the flights have the specific colors of red, green, black and blue. They also found out that flights liked playing with butterflies and ladybugs then by letting the three kinds of insects meet each other. Scientist find this amusing to see to see the flights, butterflies and the ladybugs play together. They say it is very cute. Scientists to this day are trying to find out more information about these interesting insects.

Obviously, my grammar and mechanical errors are most painful but give me a break, I’ve drastically improved since then.

Random thought: I love maps!


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