The Dome

I come from a suburb the locals call the Dome. In many ways this bubble protects our young minds. Yet we all know eventually we grow up. It is foolish to say we are naive. Our grades surpass most other schools by a wide margin. I have a deep love for this city. I’ve lived in other cities and realize how lucky I was to find a safe haven. With a wonderful job that cares so much about employees, it will be difficult to leave. I’ve always enjoyed being at home.

So many of my friends couldn’t wait to be out on their own. I felt the same but decided to go to a school nearby. It was the right choice. Chicago is one of my favorite cities and then I just went to Boston too. I could never live in a big city. All the bright lights and noise pollution would make me physically ill. On the west side of the Dome you may find an enchanting pond or the tower that was used to lookout for soldiers during times of war.

I joined the school newspaper run by some wonderful teachers. Below is a cover of an issue I helped my sister, Jenna design.

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