Basic Harmony

While I can’t say this year has been picture perfect, I do finally feel like all the hard work is paying off. First big accomplishment was of course graduating with not only my culinary arts degree but three certificates. Since I finished school in March I’ve had so much more time and yet it all seems to fly by. In addition to baking pies I’ve started branching out. Yesterday I baked bread, which took about 6 hours. If you don’t count the time the dough was rising there was only about 30 minutes of work involved, maybe less. I was somewhat disappointed because it has a bland taste. However, some jam, butter or hummus made a good starting point. Also the photo below clearly shows that I had small holes that are ideal in bread. If nothing else I can appreciate the work that goes into baking bread the old fashioned way. This loaf was made with only four ingredients: Bread flour, water, yeast and salt. I’m going to continue testing out recipes and hopefully I’ll be able to find what I can do to produce a better flavor. While it took me longer to finish school than many of my friends, I have experience that goes back to high school. Next week I’ll be paying off the rest of my student loan. When I start adding up all my feats I am proud of myself. Not in an arrogant way. I’m pleased to know when I continually work hard results inevitably follow.

Katie Melua, one of my favorite musicians, says “start living for today, don’t think about tomorrow.” That’s all we can do because you never know when your time is up. Yes, I have a plan for life. Sticking to a plan may mean I change it to accommodate new opportunities. I’m not a big risk taker. I have no interest in jumping out of a plane with or without a parachute. I don’t like tight spaces; the thought of climbing through a small tube terrifies me. I have a high tolerance for stress until I reach a breaking point, then I fall to pieces. I over-analyze until the last minute when I’m forced to make real decisions. I loathe technology more and more every day, and steadily become more dependent on it.

Too many people give the impression that they have it all figured out, but when you get to know them they struggle with the same basic trials as everyone else. Whatever your unique trial may be see it as a challenge rather than an immense weight. Reward your success but don’t put yourself down when you fail. Also, comparing yourself to others will often disappoint. Count on working with people you don’t like and be grateful when you work with someone extraordinary. Never say you won’t do that, you might. Be nice to people no matter what, unless they are kicking your ass. Then you should kick their ass first. If you need to scream and you don’t live on the top of a mountain, scream into a pillow. Exercise, in whatever way you like most. Take responsibility for you actions. Love people for who they are, not who you wish they were. Learn to be patient, it will be over before you know it.

Side note: Having brunch with some friends at my apartment


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