I have no “Title”

I’ve been incredibly productive. Yesterday I woke up and went to yoga from 9-11 am. Then being the cool person that I am I walked over to my mom’s house. We hung around the house for a bit and then set out to run errands all day. First we ate lunch at Panera to use up the gift cards we had. Then I had to get my second Gardisil shot, it was horrible. I’m not normally a baby about shots but this one hurt more than the first and I’m prepared to have muscle soreness for the next few months. Still its better than getting HPV. I highly recommend it to the under 25.

So then we went to Target, I still had a $5 gift coin from Christmas. I spent about $100 dollars on all the things I’ve been wanting/needing (everything from socks to an electrical power strip). Next, we stopped at Best Buy. They have a recycling station where you can get rid of cord, cd’s, plastic and even old cameras. So I did my good deed for the day and got 2 DVD’s with my gift card (again I’ve had this since Christmas). My mom needed to go there to find out if she should pay monthly for basic TV channels or get an antenna. She cancelled the Direct TV this morning because the antenna picks up all of the channels we wanted! Best investment you can make if you aren’t too concerned with getting all those extra channels. I’ve been holding off on watching the Princess Bride to socialize with my mama.

By the time we left Best Buy it was five. We came home tired from our long day and ate dinner. I did some laundry. Fed the dogs (Oh yeah, we went to the pet store too). Sleepy as I was I sent a few friends a text to see if they wanted to have brunch in a couple weeks. Everyone has responded except for Amanda. I’ll probably do something simple cinnamon rolls, bagels and eggs with some Mimosa’s, coffee, and tea. I haven’t really had a lot of people over to my apartment because I was so busy with school. Not to mention dirt poor. So I’m looking forward to this get together. I’m not sure how all of my friends will get along because they are mostly from different circles, but some of them know each other.

I’ve gotta go, dinner with parents and maybe a movie! Have a lovely week, whomever you are.


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