Two Weeks

It’s been about two weeks since I’ve used Facebook. Seeing as I rarely communicated with anyone through Facebook I haven’t really missed it. Of course the biggest plus is probably the 10+ hours I’m spending doing something more productive. Undoubtedly, I’m missing out on creeping on people I’ve never talked to and all those end of the world parties. It’s sad that they call it social networking and yet most people don’t know how to have a real conversation. The time I wasted on there updating my profile for about five people that may actually be considered friends is downright pathetic. I miss the photo sharing a bit because my sisters and I are not always able to spend as much time together as we would like (and I take lots of pictures of myself, but I can just post those on here). When you have hundreds of “friends” but nothing to do Friday night, there’s a serious problem.

Now that I’ve removed all the surveys from my e-mail I can get on to more important things. I finally have more time since school is over so I decided to look for volunteer positions in the area. I found a promising position and sent them a note. I don’t like having too much free time because it puts me in a bad mood and I sleep til 3 in the afternoon. Speaking of bad moods, last week sort of sucked.

I just had deja vu. I feel like I already named one of my posts “Two Weeks” but apparently not. So now that I have more time than ever perhaps I will write more faithfully. That’s all I’ve got.


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