Don’t Do It

Finding money in an old purse or under your couch cushion is a great feeling. I remember one time I found a check from my grandparents under my mattress. That was a good day. I also remember finding $20 on the sidewalk after I bought a pet guinea pig. I save most of the unique cards people give me so sometimes I intentionally leave some cash in one of them and it is such a nice surprise to find it a few years later.

It’s occurred to me that you might be wondering why on earth I would put a check under the bed. The quick answer is that I just wanted to find it on a rainy day. To the best of my knowledge I did. Good thing it wasn’t so old that I had some type of processing issue.

Today a lot of us are looking for ways to make some extra cash on the side. Being the clever person that I am I investigated what the payoff would be for taking surveys.

Before I go any further, hear this. Complete waste of your time. I spent about 85% of my time signing up for all these survey sites and checking my email. Thousands of emails flooded my inbox. I didn’t have very much time to answer the surveys because I was spending all my time getting rid of spam. Even after you start taking the surveys there is no guarantee that you will be eligible for the survey. Preliminary screening takes up another 10% of the whole process. The remaining 5% of the time you are actually taking surveys can take up to an hour for about .50 cents. Not worth it.

Getting another full time job would probably be a better use of your time. If you only joined one site you may be able to keep up with it but be prepared to answer the same questions over and over again. Overall, it’s likely taking surveys will be the only thing you ever do while on the Internet. Personally I’d rather be writing.

There, I’m done talking about money. Such a vulgar subject, but I thought you all ought to know what a terrible idea this is.


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