Slow Down

I worry about the world. We are plagued by disease. We leave old cities abandoned. Our cars pump fumes out every day that are breathed into our lungs. People work until they have nothing left of themselves. No matter who you are it is impossible to avoid any of this.

Every day scientists are working to discover cures for cancer, AIDS, behavioral disorders, diabetes and the common cold. How is it that our numbers still exponentially increase out of control? In a way humans are like a disease. We find ways to survive. We are so good at this other living things don’t stand a chance. However, what happens when our numbers are so great there isn’t room for anything else? Will we find another place to live? Maybe.

Some of these problems we face could end if we all united. Still it would require immense sacrifice. We would have to accept that deer (or insert any animal here) populations are not the problem. We are the problem. We are overpopulating our planet. Is it fair the rest of Earth’s inhabitants suffer for us? Certainly not. I’m not saying we should start killing people. That’s insane. I suggest that people committed to saving our planet pledge that they will not have children. It sounds extreme but wouldn’t you rather have the option? Wouldn’t you rather life to go on for those that are already here? To live here is a gift. Even with all these problems. I think that life should go on for all living creatures. To do this we have to slow down the birth rate.

How do we clean up our mess? Are we willing to live less comfortably if it means future generations will have an easier life? It is time to start thinking about the rest of our family. Not just the people, but the animals, the trees, the ocean, and anything that lives here. We are helpless without them.

How many people die every day? How many people really live? The price of our lives is constantly increasing. We are so interconnected but it troubles me that we no longer communicate face to face. Instead we have e-mail and texting. We don’t have time for anything else. Unlike a video game where you can just start over from the beginning, our lives are fixed. The hourglass is glued to the table. We don’t know how much time is left so we should take care of our planet.


*Photos borrowed from National Geographic with the exception of this last photo of the orchid which is my own*


3 thoughts on “Slow Down

    1. I’m not saying everyone has to stop having children. The one child policy doesn’t work because the women who break this law are punished by having hysterectomies and their family members are often imprisoned to get them to come forward. Adoption is a good option.

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