I’ve Got Nothing

No, really. I’m serious. I came to Starbucks (they should pay me every time I mention them on this site, I’ve probably given half of you a craving and up you go without even finishing this sentence)…to write something, but I’m a blank slate. I’ve already drilled my trip details into the ground and bored you with how excited I am to move. What’s left to say? I bought this fantastic cinnamon swirl bread. I love it. I also love the word “swirl.” It just looks so much like a swirl, whoever came up with this word should be congratulated on a daily basis. On top of that it’s fun to say! SWIRL!!

Okay, I’m done, sorry. See what happens when I don’t have anything to say? I go off on some tangent about how great this word is and suddenly I realize, you don’t care, unless you’re weird like me. I could tell you how I hate shaving my legs. I refuse to do it more than twice a week unless I’m spending time at the beach. At this very moment I’m a little embarrassed because my leg hair is kind of long. But then I think: “Who the hell cares, this guy sitting across from me and his girlfriend?” “No, they can’t even see it unless they’re staring and wearing bifocals.” Plus, I’ll probably never see them again and if I do are they going to automatically remember I’m the girl who needed to shave her legs? No, there not. If anyone asked about it, I’d be like: “I’m growing it out so I can wax it off, moron!”

At the risk of being a bore (to you), I’ve developed a saving plan. It requires that I save over half my paycheck each week to have enough in the next couple of months. If I don’t move until September I should have more than enough for the rent and some to cover actual moving expenses. Ideally I’ll have enough left over to pay my rent here and eat. But I’m willing to skip some meals if it gives me comfort later. I can live on pasta, fruit smoothies and tea. The downside of my saving plan means that I’m spending less paying off my credit card and student loan, but put together they are barely over a thousand dollars. That’s way less then most people. Since I plan to work two jobs in Boston I think I’ll be able to pay both off within a few months. I hate people who talk about money, can you tell? No really…that’s why I’m not listing actual numbers.

I’m done, that’s all!


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