Personality Soulmate

We are theoretically perfect for each other. I know this because I’ve done extensive research. Who are you? You are my personality soulmate. You are much more extroverted than I, but who isn’t? I’m independent and happy to spend time with a friend twice a month. You probably need more social interaction than that. You are slightly more agreeable and I’m slightly more neurotic. According to horoscopes today you are not in such a great mood. Maybe reading this will cheer you up.

I like your keen sense of aesthetics, harmony and equilibrium. You’re smart and you dress well. We are both romantics but I need personal space. It was love at first sight for both of us. You come from a refined and luxurious upbringing. I’m a free spirit and loathe pretentious gatherings. I get the feeling that you wish I’d put on some make-up, I probably won’t because its too much work.

We run into problems when my notorious lack of tact collides with your disgust of vulgarity. While some people admire my frankness, you see it as a little rude. With some gentle reminders that brutal honesty is not always the best policy, we should do just fine. I’ve also got a fiery temper while you prefer to argue in a rational manner. Over time you may learn to appreciate my blunt delivery.

I’ve got big dreams and a love for travel. You make me jealous because of your all worldly adventures. We will have a great deal of fun exploring the world.

I can be talkative but need you to ask questions to keep up a good conversation.

We are both neat and keep our spaces clean. I hate clutter but hold onto some things that hold sentimental value. You only keep what you need on a daily basis.

You play me music and I sing along.

I take lots of pictures.

I have a little bit of a problem saying “us” or “we” or “our,” because it threatens my independence. You like to think of us as a unit…or something I don’t get.

You want to be seduced. I want to be wined and dined. I pick up the check to show my financial independence and equality.

We are both experimental. Testing new things is fascinating for both of us.

I plan all of my actions. You go with the flow.

You are an idea. You are out there somewhere.


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