Continued Trip Details

It’s taken me way more time to get back to writing about my trip. If you care to know, here’s my attempt to fill you in.

Saturday: I wake up and my hair is a mess because I didn’t blow dry it last night. I read some of Ellen’s book and neatly fold my clothes so they will fit in my suitcase. Once I’ve triple checked the room for anything I might have left out I line everything up near the door. Read, some more. Nicki picks me up around 11 am. Yay! I don’t have to worry about catching the right train to my grandparents house. We make good time and get there before noon. As we are pulling in Grammy calls me. She has to go to the post office then we have a yummy lunch together. In a few more hours Grandpa gets home from work.

Both of my grandparents are exactly the same as I remember even though it’s been at least six years since I last visited. Grammy always has post-it’s everywhere that say things like, “Don’t open this window, it will get stuck” and “Use rubber spatula or this griddle will get all scratched up and ruin the nonstick surface. ” I must get this trait from her, everything from reminder’s for Dr. appointments to lists of the things I’ll likely forget on my way out of my apartment give people the impression that I’ve got memory problems. Grandpa still has his container full of peanuts that he likes to munch on throughout the day. He also makes a distinctive “Ahh” after some refreshing drink. Grammy loves to talk and Grandpa is quiet. Grandpa sounds a little like Kermit the frog and tells good jokes. He usually just waits for you to get the joke and then five minutes later you realize how funny it was.

Around 4 we go to Mass. It’s been a while since I’ve gone to a Catholic Mass and I realize I’ve forgotten all the correct responses. When I went to a Catholic school I thought I would remember all that forever because I said it so often. I also thought I would remember all the PLU numbers for produce when I worked in the front of the grocery store, now that I work in the kitchen most of them have disappeared. If I were to start using them again they’d probably come back quickly, but I’ve discovered this is nothing like learning to ride a bike.

When we get home we make a salad to go with dinner. Everything I’ve eaten on the trip has been marvelous. We watch a movie (My Week with Marilyn) and then I’m pretty sleepy so I’m asleep by 11.

Sunday: I make the mistake of not opting to shower before everyone arrives for brunch. When I woke up I thought my hair looked pretty clean but then later it’s a little greasy. Oh well, they’re all family, it’s not like I was leaving the house. I’m ecstatic when the Hollandaise turns out perfectly. This accomplishment is one of the best things that happens all week and I feel Grandpa was a huge help. It’s very hard to make Hollandaise by yourself because it has to be stirred constantly while spooning small amounts of butter into a bowl that usually has a tendency to move if you don’t hold it. Nothing about the trip has been a disappointment, but doing something that requires some skill in my culinary education, makes me feel very proud of myself. So between making a mother sauce and getting to hold my cousin Amy’s baby, Sunday is wonderful. Later that night I spend time with my aunt and uncle, Debbie and Greg. I feel bad cause they just drove back from D.C., but it’s good to see them. Seeing all my family has been nice. We watch a scary black and white movie before bed. Okay, it wasn’t that scary.

Monday: Originally I planned to stay with my grandparents for the rest of my trip, but Vicky asked me if I’d like to go to the Marathon. What a strange coincidence that I came the week of the Boston Marathon. I have no idea how I managed to get a hotel on such short notice. Anyway, Vicky picks me up in the morning. I promise my grandparents I’ll visit more often. Vicky and her husband, Josh, have some friends that live near the city and we’ve got a great spot to cheer on the runners. The marathon is pretty much a state holiday and most people take the day off to celebrate. Unfortunately Vicky feels sick so we leave the party early but I’m exhausted from the heat and generally having the time of my life all week so it’s fine. We watch some TV before going to bed.

Tuesday: If it were possible I’d just stay in Boston, but I’ve got work tomorrow. I am amazed that I haven’t lost anything on my trip. I accidentally left the pull-out map with Nickie on Friday while we were looking for something, but other than that I’ve managed to keep all my possessions. I get up with plenty of time to eat and pack everything. I also do some of the dishes to kill time and be a good guest.Vicky drives me into the city and drops me off at South Station where I can take the train to the airport and sadly leave. It takes most of the day to get home and that’s when I started writing. Mom picks me up around 7 pm and I tell her everything I just wrote for you.

I really thought I was going to move to Chicago before I took this trip. Now that I’m home it’s hard to adjust to being here, even if it’s only for a few more months. I also still have to take a psychology class in case I ever go back to school. Now that I’ve spent time in Boston I can say with certainty it’s the city for me. Besides the many restaurants and hotels I could work at, it’s also close to family. Best of all Nickie needs a roommate. In all the other cities, I would still need to find one, so that gives me one less thing I need to do before moving. I was going to wait a couple more weeks to decide, but I can’t see any reasons not to move there. My life is about to get more exciting!

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