Scary Dream, 2:30 am

It started as a normal drea­­m. I was searching for my cat Polly-Esther at Sinclair (my school). I do find her briefly and she comforts me.  It starts to unsettle me when I meet a man I’d never met before and he seems to like me. We go to a class together and then I see him on my way out of the class. I was drawn to him and yet fear him. The dream becomes more psychologically disturbing to me. Then I notice lots of helicopters and planes in the sky. They are either burning, crashing into other aircraft or targeting the ground. Quite suddenly I realize Polly-Esther is not with me anymore and that bothers me. I go into a bathroom and it is mixed gender. Urinals are everywhere and the doors to the regular toilets are not large enough to provide privacy in any way. In fact, some of the toilets require you to climb up a step and put you on display. After I am unsuccessful finding a bathroom with adequate coverage, I leave. I am trying to get home, but more has happened outside since I’ve left to go to the bathroom. Now I find everyone is running around in panic and there is water everywhere. I see my friend Mandy and I tell her we need to get out of the streets. We run into a building and then there is a giant wave that hits the glass but does not shatter it.

The next part of the dream is between me and the ghost in my house. The ghost jumps on my back while I’m sleeping. It takes me what seems like ten minutes to fling the ghost off of me. The ghost finally relents when I call out for a higher being’s help. We continue to struggle against each other. Each time the dream begins feeling real for a moment and then becomes ridiculous. I remind myself it’s a dream. I see my dog Crystal and she makes me happy but then the ghost is telling Crystal bad things.  The ghost fills me with uneasiness. I realize the ghost is feminine. When she speaks it scares me. My apartment is messy. There is trash everywhere. I start to walk around and see that a clock says 7:15 am. I decide it’s time to wake up. I go into my living room and the door is open (but the hinges are on the wrong side). I check to see who it is and it’s someone I don’t know but seems familiar, she has a stroller. Then scared to death, I force myself to wake up.

I run to get water to help with my dry-mouth. Then I put music in my CD player not caring what it is. I write down everything so I won’t forget it in the morning. After reading this over, I can’t quite place why I felt so disturbed, only that it is far worse than words can describe.


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