I’m on the return flight home from Boston…Yay! Or not, I would have stayed if I didn’t have to work tomorrow. This is going to be a very exciting post. Why? Because you may not have realized, but I’m typing this in the plane, hence the first sentence I wrote. So you probably did notice that. Unfortunately, when I attempted to get internet it failed. They probably can’t confirm my credit card information from this high up. I try to back up all my blogging from word anyway. I’m still pretty amazed that you can get the internet up here. Think about all those satellites that are either out in space or somewhere on the ground. That’s a huge distance for a signal to travel. I used up in three sentences. Fascinating.

I really have no idea why you would want to read this. It’s not like I’m making any extraordinary statements but I hope you enjoy it.

The other reason this post will be so exciting is because I have so much to tell you. We’ll start with the summary of my trip, then I’ll give you some details. Then I might write about things that have nothing to do with this trip at all. I also might not tell you things that have nothing to do with this trip. I don’t know, I’ve got some notes but can’t say for sure.

Okay, what would you like to know? I woke up Thursday morning at exactly 6:17 am. I did not press snooze. I always set my clock for a weird time because this tricks my sleepy mind into thinking I’ve had more sleep. I remember having a dream that was kind of scary but I don’t remember what made it scary. I jumped around my apartment getting ready. First, I jumped to the kitchen where I ate some yogurt and orange juice. Then I think I ate something else because I remember – wait, yes, it was a bagel! Everything one of my favorites. I also love chocolate chip, sesame seed, poppy seed, Asiago, and cinnamon crunch. So after jumping around in my kitchen I brushed my teeth and immediately put my toothbrush in my suitcase because I didn’t want to forget it.

I have been able to see the ground most of the time we’ve been on the plane. Now we are having some clouds and turbulence. We are almost to my first stop in Baltimore! I’ll probably have to stop writing for a bit. Aren’t you happy you started reading this? So far I’m fairly certain the answer is, Yes. Now I feel like we are on a boat, moving through fog. I love boats. In fact I’d like to get married on a boat. I bet you didn’t know that. Because I don’t think I’ve ever said that to you. Unless, you’re one of my sisters, or a friend or I randomly told you this while we were dating. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure you don’t know.

My feet are slightly numb. They keep getting stuck under my backpack. I have to go now, be right back.

In the past two hours I arrived in Baltimore. Took a train to downtown Baltimore and walked around for less than 30 minutes and now sit with about a half hour before boarding to get home. Sorry that was an obnoxiously long sentence…

Alright, moving right along with my summary. After I brushed my teeth I waited around impatiently and listened to some music. At 7:32 my dad picked me up to go to the airport. YYAAYY!!! I know this because I still have the text message. Airport is mostly uneventful, except for meeting a nice old man who shared my joy of Sudoku puzzles during the second flight (stopped in Baltimore on the way in too). By about 4 pm I was in Boston and searching for the easiest way to get to my Hotel. I decided a taxi, while a little more expensive, would get me there fast and I knew the hotel wasn’t far from the airport. Lucky me, by 20 after I was in my hotel.Obviously the thing I wanted to do most was shower. Then I got ready to go spend time with two of my cousins, Vicky and Nicki.

Vicky brought along a couple friends. I know one of them was Lauren and I think the other was Kali but somehow I missed her name even after clarifying. We ate at a marvelous Italian place in the North End. It started with a B. Again, forgot this information but I might be able to find it if I needed to. After catching up and lots (and lots…) of talking (and eating and a glass of wine) we said goodbye to Vicky’s friends and headed over to Café Vittoria. We ate some Tiramisu, then took our cappuccino’s to go. They walked me back to the harbor and I told them about my state quarters and bead project. As I was packing for the trip I managed to get two more Massachusetts quarters so I gave them each one to throw into Boston Harbor with me. I also brought some tea, Earl Grey, and threw that in with it (hahaha! That will show the English, I wish it was British Breakfast but I didn’t have any).  So in went the quarters, bead and tea. The bag even floated on the water for a bit.

Since I had a roundtrip ticket on the water taxi, I had to leave the city by 10 pm. This was perfect since I was too tired to be partying. I fiddled with the internet for about thirty minutes, then gave into the fact that it didn’t like my computer. I read a little of my Ellen DeGeneres book…be right back.  Despite the fact that I clearly heard the airports and hotel saying that internet was free, none were, with the exception of the Dayton International Airport. Yay, one reason to fly to this airport: free fast internet for all (assuming you bring your computer).

Ok, I’m actually at the Dayton airport now, in case you couldn’t follow, so lets make this quick. Preferably, before my mom picks me up. The hotel was great minus the lack of internet. I used all the down pillows (six in total). I slept like a dead person. Then I woke up with the help of two alarms.

Friday: Walked around the city 9-5:30. Met Nicki at Faneuil Hall around 6. Walked/Rode T to the Hub, a fancy restaurant that is hard to find and way too expensive for us…we have a Martini at the bar. Walked/Rode T to bowling alley where we did not bowl (Kings). Here I meet two nice men Nicki knows, Hollis and Sal. She knows Hollis because he used to hang out with one of her other friends. He is from Texas. Sal is from New Jersey and Nicki met him in school. Now armed with body guards since its dark sometime around 9ish we go to another bar (Hennessy’s),we manage to get through without paying a cover even though we aren’t on the list (this is surely because we are cute). Up to this point, I haven’t had anything but water since the Martinis. Nonetheless, I do have to pee. You didn’t need to hear that, I’m sorry. No, I’m not. Okay, maybe a little. We have some time to talk before the band starts. At first I think they are gonna suck and just be noisy, but they surprise us. Soon we are all singing along and dancing a little. Go to this link if you’d like to hear their music, the band is called Kilroe. I finally agree to have some cider, Nicki and her friends take turns paying for me, then refuse to take any of my money. Around 11 pm Nicki and I say goodbye to the guys and we walk over to North Station. Here we can both catch a ride home. Nicki tells me how to get back to my hotel. I get a little turned around but I’m home by 12:30. I’m exhausted, but I take a quick shower, then fall asleep immediately.

Saturday: I wake up and my hair looks awful.

Shit! This is going to take a long time to finish. Gotta go, I have work at 7 am tomorrow!


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