Trot Trot to Boston Trot Trot to Lynn

…Whoops! Be careful don’t fall in! I remember singing this to Hannah when she was a baby. All of us learned this rhyme from my mom and took on the responsibility of becoming Hannah’s second, third and fourth mother. We would bounce her on our lap then dip her head toward the floor as we said the last part of the concise rhyme. She laughed every time. Recollections of teaching her math far beyond what most children her age were learning were often filled with fights. Somewhere between these arguments she actually began to grasp some of the concepts. She’s probably got more natural ability and smartness then the rest of us, but these early immersions may explain her success to a small extent. Pretty soon she was helping me with math and memorizing poems and soaking up the information like a sponge. This is really just a side story to today’s post (and an excuse to brag about my favorite little sister).

I am flying to Boston. Yes, flying…not driving. It’s been at least five years since I visited my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents who live in a nearby suburb of Massachusetts. I just wrote out Massachusetts to practice spelling it and waste space. Its fun to say as well.  We used to drive 20 hours once or twice a year when I was younger. Now with everyone grown up it’s become more difficult to get everyone there, and an estrangement from my father adds to that. Despite these challenges I’m happy to be making the trip. Getting the time off from work has been lucky, the original time I chose was already taken. In a way I’m glad to be going a little later, it means Boston will be a little warmer and I bought the jacket I’ve been pining for (for the past 3 months).

Beside visiting family I am beginning to narrow down employment options. The goal by the end of the summer is to pick a big city to live in for the next year. I realized that going from small Dayton to a cruise line working 70 hours a week may be a bit drastic. I might still have to work 70 hours to pay for rent but I won’t be trapped on a boat for six months at a time. Boston and Chicago are in the mix. New York or D.C. are possibilities. I’m less inclined to go anywhere overseas as that comes with language barriers, not to mention the cost of flying home.

Look for a second post today that will cover something I’ve been waiting to publish.


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