State Beads and Quarters

The state quarter collections are likely in many of your homes. When they were introduced I imagine lots of people planned to save a quarter for each state, more serious collectors have the pairs from both Philadelphia and Denver. My mom started one collection for each of my sisters and I. In addition my Grandfather gave us a challenge. Hannah and I were to collect a quarter from each state with “P’s” as they are the easier ones to acquire in Ohio and Rebecca and Jenna would collect the “D’s.” Whomever finished first would win $20. Unfortunately my Grandfather passed before the end of 2008, when the last quarters were released.

Somewhat accidentally, I decided to place one state quarter with a ceramic bead in a body of water within each corresponding state. This self appointed mission serves two purposes. First, as a memory to my Grandfather. Second, to travel to all the states in the U.S. I made 50 ceramic beads without realizing it. After they were bisque fired I counted them and tried to think of a use for them, because the holes were too small for any bead rack and could not be glazed. Then I thought about throwing them in water and the idea of using the quarters came to mind.

I haven’t traveled very much in the past couple years and I wanted the water to be (a) significant to me or (b) have some type of history. Now that I’ve graduated its time to get started! I already have a few places planned. I’ll be updating this post periodically as I determine the locations for every bead and quarter. Bold indicate states that are done.

Ohio: Dogwood Park (aka Lucky Park), Oakwood

Massachusetts: Boston Harbor, Boston (duh, also threw in a tea bag )

New Hampshire: Lake Winnipesaukee, Wolfeboro (near Barndoor Island)

Maryland: Chesapeake Bay/Potomac River, Miller’s Wharf

Alaska: Aleutian Islands, Attu

Washington: Puget Sound, Seattle

Illinois: Lake Michigan, Chicago


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  1. […] then took our cappuccino’s to go. They walked me back to the harbor and I told them about my state quarters and bead project. As I was packing for the trip I managed to get two more Massachusetts quarters so I gave them each […]

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