I’m not one to become preoccupied with getting things done. Sure I meet deadlines and believe that completing goals is important, especially when it improves my life in some way. However, in some circumstances the speed with which you reach the finish line is not always as significant as the way you finally get there. I know people that are so obsessed with becoming a version of themselves that society will accept that they forget who they want to be. Suddenly it doesn’t matter what they really love in life because if others don’t approve there must be something wrong with them.

I shudder to think where I would be right now if I actually thought with that logic. In my honest opinion there is no point pretending. You can either be yourself and live, or stand back and watch from a distance while everyone else spends time pleasing themselves. If you hate your job: Quit. If you want more friends: Find them. If the guy you are dating isn’t what you are looking for: Leave him. If you have a mental breakdown: Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

If I’ve learned anything at 23 it is that no one but you can improve the way you live. That’s not to say that along the way you do everything alone. How many times do you move back in with your parents? Or ask them for money to pay your electric bill? Or call them at 3 am to cry? Sorry this entry is super sappy.

So enough trying to sound all contemplative and deep. I guess what I need to say is too many people keep running to the next hurdle and forget to enjoy the simple moments. I don’t intend to be that way…ever. Get what you really want out of life. Settling for less will fill you with pangs of guilt.


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