I’m Made of Glass

Bugs are amazing. And by that I mean amazing pests. In the short time that I sat near the grass enjoying a Twix bar they rose up out of the grass and swarmed around me. Being generally disgusted I had no choice but to surrender my sunny seat and move to the nearby cold and not so sunny steps. Within 20 minutes, I’m freezing and decide that I’ll trade fresh air for comfort in the library. Now I find myself runny nosed and stuck listening to carol singers. Its not even Christmas! What the hell?

But enough complaining. Life is actually going quite well. There were several postings for kitchen and meat department jobs at work so I posted for one of them, I hope I get it. If I do, I’ll have to buy a car, so some added expense there but I kind of want one anyway. These postings could only have been better if they had waited until spring when I already took my vacation. I told them I wasn’t available until after my vacation date so hopefully it all works out.

I’m feeling somewhat fragile right now, like any heavy blows will leave me broken beyond repair. Graduation looms closer and I realize that in a month I am free to go wherever I wish as long as I can pay my way. If I don’t get the job, I’m probably going to move to a big city and get a job that actually challenges me to my full potential. I keep crossing my fingers that the streak of good luck I’ve had will continue. And so I nervously move forward but my life won’t shatter even if I make mistakes and screw things up.


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