The List

In order to get a better idea of who the mystery man is, I decided to do some detective work. First I took out my yearbook, it seemed like the logical thing to do. After looking things over I determined 12 possible men based on the clues he gave me (see comments). However once I started looking at additional information they started to drop like flies. Out of that total there were 3 I definitely wouldn’t date. Only one of these men is also a friend on Facebook and I was able to eliminate 4 more because I am not friends with them on Facebook. This brought me to a total of 8 men. But then I checked how long I’d been friends with these men and eliminated 3 more. With only 5 left I no longer had anyone from the “wouldn’t date” category. The funny thing is none of them are listed in a relationship, one says he’s divorced but I’m fairly certain its a joke. So from these data I assumed a couple of guys were not eligible because I am certain they don’t like me in that way and they were not included in the original count. I’m not going to post their names but here are their initials (for those of you who are my friends on Facebook you can probably figure it out), in the order I like the most to least:

1. S.P (actually his real first name starts with J)

2. C.P.

3. S.H.

4. B.T.

5. B.W.

If you’re not on this list then I must I have missed you somehow but there’s what I know.

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