Thanks to my Readers

I had hoped to write this entry some time ago but alas life gets busy and I had to postpone for what is now an incredibly boring day stuck in the Sinclair library with bad cell reception for the next four hours. What the hell am I supposed to do for four hours? I guess it would be worse if I didn’t have a computer. At least I’ve been productive so far. I managed to copy all my new class assignments, study guides, and other helpful documents onto my computer and flash drive.

To make things even better I think I have a cold, my nose is all cracked and blah as a result of working in the meat department which is about as cold as it is outside. I had fun though, yesterday was the first day of my internship in said department. The best part was pounding pork chops into thin layers with a wonderful mallet. Admittedly this became a little tiring but there wasn’t that much to pound.

Well I guess I better get onto the subject that is the reason for this post. At the beginning of this year WordPress sent me an overview of all sorts of fun facts pertaining to my blog. Among these data I could see what part of the world readers came from and was surprised that my blog is read overseas. I wanted to give a special thanks to my regular readers whoever and wherever you may be. The majority of readers, not so surprisingly, comes from the US but Brazil was not far behind. Other countries include Sweden, the UK, and Ukraine (Europe), Indonesia, LA and Thailand (Asia), and Papua New Guinea and New Zealand (Oceania). I am so pleased to have connections to these countries and hope that over the next year I will reach more countries. As with all I my posts I am happy to hear from readers and thank you for stopping by, even if it was only once.

As a final note take a look at this scam I got today. Notice the date and the ATM card number…stupid criminals.
Dated: 10/01/2012

Dear Customer,

You have a package for pick up. We had thought that the sender
informed you. We understand that the content of your package itself
is an ATM, with Card Number: 5179123456789120, with valued sum of
$350,610.00. You have been instructed to use the card in accessing
your funds from any ATM Stand/location worldwild, as the card is
being sent from Oceanic Bank International Plc Nigeria.

Kindly Contact our dispatch Agent to know when he will be delivering
your ATM Card to you.

Agent:  Bruce Hoek
Phone: +234-7051689440

You’ll pay $170 to the Agent being payment for the shipping Fee of
your ATM Card.

J Alexander.

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