Standing on the Edge

As the final quarter of my education nears, I’m becoming impatient. I’ve made a resume and already have 2 recommendations from teachers (I hope for 2 more), but the winter quarter will not be easy. True I only have 3 classes and an internship but the classes promise to challenge me. First there is Professional Cooking, complete with long lab hours and a true test of my ability to quickly create a menu based on limited ingredients. Then I have Equipment and Design that is not difficult but requires group work and a detailed design of an imaginary business. I most dread Psychology well because the subject-matter bothers me and I find it rather dull. My final internship is on shaky ground as I hope to work once or twice in the meat department but the manager is unsure if he will be able to train me…come on I’m doing the work for free! If I don’t manage to get into the meat department I plan to check with the deli or cheese department. I’m sure I’ll figure something out. Blah!

So just a few months from now I will be free. I can’t wait to get out of this city. I’ve been dying to travel and I’ll finally be able to. I also want to continue learning American sing language and French. The cruise lines really like it when you can speak multiple languages.

Aside from school  I’m trying to hone my cooking skills. I bravely attempted making a cake, or rather cupcakes. My red velvet cupcakes were a huge success and both my taste testers were happy to consume them. I plan to try another cake next week…maybe lemon. I also want to make a raspberry chiffon pie because, well…I’m primarily a pie maker. I should also practice some real food. There are lots of meats I’ve never used much so I would like to get together some actual meals. Surely they will be handy when I take Professional Cooking.

Sidenote: It is possible that my supposed admirer is sitting about 8 feet from me, thought you ought to know.

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  1. […] this is not the 70th post, I mis-numbered them in my backup files. So actually the following post, Standing on the Edge, is number 70. Seeing as it would only add to complications I won’t add a new total word […]

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