Bad Decisions

I’m sitting in my Starbucks and there’s this funny old man fast asleep and snoring really loud. There is a happy celebration going on in my head as I managed three A’s and a very high B last quarter. Also, my resume is in its first draft and I sent it to my career services lady not ten minutes ago. Yet more exciting is a lovely package due to arrive this rainy day with some awesome over the knee boots, etc. I say etc. because you really don’t need to know (but I’ll tell you anyway) that I’m expecting some new panties and bras. Then I bought this adorable purse, but it won’t be here until later 😦

That’s not really what I meant to tell you at all. I wanted to let you know how my bad judgment due to (probably) unwise consumption of alcohol has affected my dating life. First, there was Halloween. I was just a young 18 years of age and got quite intoxicated. This resulted in kissing my eventual boyfriend, maybe not a bad thing at the time (and I had contemplated before said drunken behavior) but later on I thought, “I wish I was a little more with it.” I can’t even remember what song was playing which makes me a little sad.

The other time was Valentine’s Day. I was significantly more aware of my actions this time (which again resulted in kissing someone). This time it was not so planned. Mostly I was bored. I hadn’t kissed anybody in a while and thought well this guy is as good as any. Not so. He was a terrible kisser and furthermore was a smoker so the bad breath was unattractive. I continued to date this guy for about two weeks and then had to break things off. My heart wasn’t in it. I didn’t get excited to see him and the kissing proved to be continually bad. I know that sounds  like a really stupid reason to break up with someone. It wasn’t solely based on the bad kissing. With instruction I could probably fix that, but it just didn’t feel right. I regret to say I broke this poor fellows heart, or so he said. I don’t really see how that’s possible in the course of less than three weeks but he was crushed, and I resent that.

I’ve since resolved not to kiss people on holidays. It’s not always the best way to start something, people use holidays as an excuse to become desperate. I don’t want to be like that. So sorry, but should you be in my presence over this holiday season and think it might be your perfect opportunity to sweep my off my feet I will most definitely resist this and ask you to wait for some other point in time.


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