The Beginning

There was once a boy named Victor Sharpe. Everyone called him Sharpe, nobody knew why. They just did, they always had. He was tall and thin. His curly blond hair was wild. Sharpe had stormy blue eyes and a strong jawline. In his freetime he played guitar and made up songs with silly lyrics. Sharpe liked to pretend he was someone else because although he was popular, he felt disconnected from his many friends. He didn’t pay attention much in school because he thought there were more important things to do.

Then one day Sharpe met a girl. She was quiet and pretty. She had straight brown hair and eyes that matched her dark hair. The girl always did her homework and  believed that school was more important than other things. She was not popular but always in the company of her three best friends. She seemed very happy when she knew other people were watching but Sharpe noticed she also had a sadness in her chocolatey eyes. Sharpe decided he would like to know her better.

So inbetween classes he asked her one day, “Where are you from Eva?”

The girl looked up and met Sharpes eyes, she was a full foot shorter and the top of her head just barely reach his chest, “I moved here from Maine.”

“What was it like there?”

“I don’t know, colder I guess.” Eva replied, “I have to go this way,” she pointed at a nearby classroom.

“Oh, okay, well see you around then.” Sharpe waved and continued along the hallway. The next day Sharpe spotted Eva in the same hallway and jogged over to catch up with her. “So, what classes are you taking this year?”

“English, Chemistry, Art, Government. You ask a lot of questions.”

“Well, you’re new and no one here is new.” Sharpe answered.

Eva waved again as she entered the same classroom as the day before. Days and weeks went by and Sharpe continued to walk with Eva inbetween classes, asking her lots of questions. Eva always answered but never elaborated. She had a tough shell and Sharpe sensed that his inquisitiveness freaked her out a bit, but she never refused to answer his questions.

Sharpe learned that she had four sisters and lived with her mom. She never talked about her dad and Sharpe thought maybe he was a delicate subject to Eva. Eva’s favorite color was purple. Favorite food: goldfish, favorite animal: horses, favorite city: Portland, Oregon. Eva liked Superman better than Spiderman and had never been on a Ferris Wheel. Sharpe learned that had a photographic memory and a great love of post-its. Eva had tried gymnastics, ballet, soccer, and volleyball but really only liked to run. Eva hated bleu cheese, mayonaise, and tunafish.

Sharpe found he liked Eva a lot. She was funny and had a wonderful laugh. Actually what Sharpe liked so much was that Eva had so many laughs, different ones for every situation. Eva was still quiet after all the questions Sharpe asked her but seemed to like talking to him. She also never called him Sharpe, to her he was always Victor. No one else called him that except his parents, he was surprised she even knew his first name. Sharpe was a year older than Eva and on one of the last days before he graduated he gave her a dark chocolate Hershey kiss. Eva still considers this her first kiss.


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