Nothing Really

I have absolutely nothing to write about. Usually ideas hit me randomly while I’m walking to school or doing homework. I’m proud to say I finally went running this morning. And I just realized I forgot my therapy appointment this morning. I was going to write myself a note but obviously didn’t do that. Normally I have my appointment on Tuesdays so I wasn’t thinking about it. Come to think about it that’s probably why my phone keeps beeping.

My mom adopted a little kitten. She’s very cute but I haven’t spent much time around her yet. I’m kind of surprised because after twenty years of cleaning a cat litter you would think my mom wouldn’t want a cat. Although admittedly that’s probably not a good enough reason not to have a cat.

School is getting busier as we start projects and get more homework. I’m keeping up with is so far. This week I have three quizzes and one test. The quizzes are online and timed and the test is really easy. I already took it once before I had to drop my classes last year. So far I have two A’s and a B that will soon be an A, hopefully. My boss still hasn’t given back my paper I need to turn in to the Culinary Department for my internship. We are supposed to get their resume but my boss doesn’t have one because she has worked at DLM since high-school and never needed one.

Its amazing that I found so much nothing to talk about for the past 15 minutes. I have to catch the bus in about 25 minutes. After school I’m going to do lots of homework. Yeah, my life is awesome.


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