About Me

This is a funny little test I thought you would find amusing.

1. First choose your favorite color; then describe it using three words that you think of concerning that color

In my case I used the words pretty, warm and vibrant. (My favorite color is green)

2. Next imagine you just had a normal day and you go to sleep like normal but when you wake up you are in a white room with no walls or doors, how would you feel in three words

Mine were confused, surprised, and scared.

3.Then think of your favorite animal or pet, three words

Wild, mouthy and cute… (I picked Olivia my dog)

4.Finally describe Niagara Falls to a blind person in three words

Misty, relaxing and gigantic

So this is what it all means

The first question is how you think of yourself. The second is how you feel about death. The third is how others feel about you and the last is how you perceive sex.


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