Tell Me More and Soap

So I’m not sure if I should believe those that tell me my secret admirer is really a creeper or if I should just consider it a compliment that someone out there has the hots for me. There is more than one person voting creeper, including my mother, an opinion I consider well informed. Although admittedly she didn’t hear the full story. So secret someone I suggest you give me some more information. Not only am I finding that I am less curious I also don’t think things are all so complicated as you say. If I were in your position I would make a choice. Is the relationship you are in worth keeping? If it is I think you should stay in it and get over me because there is no point in ruining something with someone you are already with. Your other choice is to break things off with this other person and choose me. I’m not going to encourage you either way. Honestly, I can’t say I’m that interested in finding out who you are if your going to mislead someone else. Further I have no intention of  letting you mess with my head. Get your s*** together because I have plenty of options. Unlike you I am unattached and intend to stay that way unless someone gives me a reason to do otherwise.

I don’t require you to act immediately, rash decisions never did anyone any good. Think about it. What are the chances of me being a valuable relationship you want to pursue? I am assuming that I am most definitely friends with you through Facebook as this is the way I publish my work. Your decision is not complicated. It is simple, you choose one or the other, you can’t have both. No one else gets that luxury, you are no exception to the rule. I understand you could loose a lot but that doesn’t somehow obscure clarity. You are welcome to tell me who you are privately, just use the Facebook messaging system. I swear I’m a nice person and I’ll give you a chance. As far as I’m concerned you are probably not a creep…not many of them at OHS. Alright enough about that.

My other topic is just a side note. I find it very weird to buy soap. It’s not what you think I’m not some person who doesn’t bathe or anything. It’s just something I haven’t ever needed. Ever since I was about four years old I’ve had a never-ending supply of soap. When we moved to Ohio my mom found a huge supply of soap. It was called Lavish and Lather. I knew no other soap. None of that smelly stuff with beads that burst and supposedly harm animals. Just plain soap. For the past seventeen or eighteen years I never had to buy a bar of soap. Now of course the supply is nearly gone, my dad has the last of it. I decided to keep my soap choice simple, it’s dove and has a nice neutral scent plus more moisturizing contents than other soaps. I always found soft soaps kind of strange but now I have the smelly bath and body works stuff in my kitchen. So that’s my oddity, I guess I’ll have to get used to allocating money for this necessary sanitation item.

Have a great start to fall or school or whatever!


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